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Sony Vaio Install. Common problem, uncommon solution?


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Hi all, I'd like to first note that I've spent the last two days searching, and tinkering with this issue and I feel it is now acceptable to ask for help.


I am attemping to install Mavericks onto a Sony Vaio Laptop (PCG-71315L) with the following:

-i3 380m Processor @ 2.53 GHz - 4 GB memory - Serial ATA drive.


I have created a functional USB installer using the monobeast*** 3.0.1 tool.


***I did not realize the issue with regards to this software until after I created this post, I am willing to try other software but I ask politely that my post still be considered***


I have also added the following kext files using Kext Wizard to try and resolve the issue of not having an AHCI option in my Bios.












I have also tried various combination of the following bootflags


-v -x -f USBBuxFix=Yes UseKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000


Sometimes I get to the apple logo where it hangs for a while and then a small x appears, most of the time I get to the waiting for root device error in -v mode, and once I managed not to get that error but it just hung for no reason after something regarding the bluetooth.


I would really appreciate any help on the issue.




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Hi there,

I made a myHack install disk and after trying a straight install I started playing with boot flags.

I got as far as a white screen with -x -f -v USBBusFix=YES npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No

If I don't include -v, sometimes I get stuck at the Apple logo, other times I get an error about an EBIOS Read Error.


I'm exhausted from working on this all weekend so I need to sleep but if there are any more suggestions I would really appreciate them.


EDIT: I tired all this with and without the IOATAFamily kext

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Hi again,

Thus far the following applies


USBBusFix=Yes ......  EBIOS Error

-v                        ...... still waiting on root device

-v USBBusFix=Yes ......White screen


Adding GraphicsEnabler=Yes also causes white screen, GraphicsEnabler=No causes it to hang around the bluetooth section.


Other boot flags seem to make no noticeable difference.


With reards to my graphics, Sonys site has very little information. From what I can gather I have Intel HD Integrated Graphics, perhaps 4000 series?

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don't worry, this laptop the graphics is only 

Gráficos de procesador  Intel® HD Graphics

 not a HD4000



take a look here: [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI - Intel - InsanelyMac Forum




Thank you for the response.

This is a very long guide and it may be two or three days before I can get back to you with some results.



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