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Help with iAtkos ML2 first boot after installation


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Hello everybody :)

after installing iAtkos ML2 on my pc (not in the same Hard disk of windows 8), when i start for the first time the new OS, i can see a windows with an apple and a loder icon. after that (1 minute at all) my display turns with "no signal" and i can hear a song (i think the apple one for the setup of the OS) but i can't see nothing... i tried to install iAtkos ML2 with various configuration of drivers... but i still receive the same thing on the first startup.... what can i do? 

my computer is an ACER M3970 with:

-Intel core i5 2320 (quad-core 3.00 GHz)

-4 gb RAM

-Nvidia geforce 510

-400gb hard disk (this is the one where i install iAtkos ML2)


sorry for my english but i'm italian.... please help me :)

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You should boot with -v 

Post a picture of screen stuck.

Suggest: installation without selecting video kexts, reboot with -v GraphicsEnabler=No

You can post in italian section of this forum


Sorry for my english... i'm italian :D

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