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"still waiting for root device" fixed with kext, feels a bit wonky


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As the title says; I got the "still waiting..." error when booting with -v; booting with -x (safe mode) worked; I installed a kext (AHCI_Extended_Injector.kext) because someone in another topic said it fixes this. It worked, though I can see some errors when booting with -v. 


The system runs smoothly, except for the CD drive which seems to check for CDs at random (not very often) and sometimes things are a bit sluggish; for example when I resize the browser window, it's very jerky.


Is there another kext that might work better? Am I frying my system running hackintosh like this?






gigabyte x79-ud3 motherboard

nvidia geforce 670


3.6 GHz Intel Core i7

...if any other info would be important, ask, dunno which is crucial


installed with iAtkos boot drive.


any help appreciated.

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