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SSD problem?

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base : Macbook Pro 15 " (late 2011)

Upgrade : KINGSTON 16GB RAM and samsung ssd 840 pro


okay that mavericks is not so good, but is it possible that I have not obtained apparently significant benefits if not an if not an improved speed opening and closing the system?


now if I try to open a full-screen preview image that weights more 'than 500kb i see strange color and big pixel !!! whyyy?  :(


This is the procedure I followed:

> Recovery Online

> Formatting the SSD

> Lion installation

> mavericks Download

> Reinstalling programs (graphics, 3d, etc. )


noted the problem... I tried to upgrade the firmware of the SSD (but it told me that it was already update), to reset the pram and use chameleon.




Please give me an answer. I'm desperate ! thank you !


ps: I tested the ssd with Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test and seems to travel at speed promised. ram seem recognized by the system.

ps2 : yesterday working with smudge on photoshop i had to wait 10 minutes (and the picture was not so heavy after all!).
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