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Dell Inspiron n5010 ATI radeon 5470 issue

Ankush Kale

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I recently installed MacOSX 10.8 on my INspiron N5010.

Used attached DSDT patches to get Audio,mic,headphones to work.

Now laptop have ATI Mobility Radeon 5470HD graphics card which is actually natively supported, but I am getting vertical bars when use EDID patch & without EDID patch screen works but with fancy colors but i can still read text on it. External Screen on VGA ports works fine & QE is on.


Any help?

Inspiron N5010 15R.txt


Inspiron N5010.txt





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I am also having the same problem and searching for the solution from days but no progress. 




On this link as he said to inject edid using clover, i am working on it, i suggest u to also try it and posts the result here. 


I am also getting the same display as that of yours.


Have u tried booting with "GraphicsEnabler=No", it works but without qe/ci  :|

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So Here is the Solution:

Boot With "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and "AtiConfig=Hoolock"

You will get buggy internal Display but thats ok. Connect the lappy to the external Monitor Through the VGA port. You'll get display at the External Monitor.

Install SwitchResX.

Open SwitchResX Click on Install Helper Tools and Also on Launch Daemon.

Now Click on the last option at the left pane which is VGA/SVGA Display.

CLick on Custom Resolutions and then Add Custom Resolution with the values as below in the picture




Save the Custom Resolution and reboot, still you'll get buggy display.

Again connect the external monitor and go to SwitchResX and select the resolution which we have just created and Voila You'll get the internal display Perfectly working.

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