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OSx86 & Getting my USB Keyboard / Midi Controller to Work


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Hi Guys,


Have only just got OS X up and running on my VAIO laptop and as such this is my first post here.


Everything looks fine and im having no problems with the OS or running any software and a far as I can tell all hardware (USB, Audio, Display, Lan) are all working as they should be.


I have a Alesis Photon X25 Keyboard and cant seem to get it working in Logic 7. At this point im not sure if its a issue with the drivers not being supported on x86, or whether I simply haven't set it up correctly in Logic (I have tried but might be doing it wrong). As this is the first time i've used logic 7 im not very familiar with setting it up, so this may be the issue.


I have had no problems with it on logic 5.5 on Windows.


Has anybody else had problems with keyboards on x86 hardware? Or can anybody give me hints on how to set it up correctly.


Many Thanks.



Oh one more point..


When I goto Utilities > midi setup in OS X,


my keyboard is shown there and when I press test setup and move some knobs or play notes the computer beeps at me, so I guess there must be some communication between the keyboard and the OS.



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