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Help with HP DV9000 Hackintosh


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Hello all, 


This is my second hackintosh, have stumbled my way through.  

I'm know computer tech or network admin that is for sure, I get by with a bit of luck and lots of reading.




I had a kalyway CD here for AMD/Intel of OSX 10.5.8 and surprisingly got that up with little effort.


I'm looking to turn this old laptop into a media server, the screen of the laptop is a bit screwed the last third doesn't work, so its been interesting.


The only real thing I think I am missing out of the box that I need is vga support.  I have an external monitor setup to battle the screwed up laptop screen and its not receiving any input.  My display properties are stuck at 1024 by 768.


I looked around a bunch today and ended up spending the entire day trying updates to snow leopard and mavericks from a site that shall not be mentioned here.


Decided to give that all up because I have MOST of what I need.  Might also need some support with my usb not recognizing my external HD.


OTher then that I have a networked appled laptop which is goal 1.


Thanks for all the help team.


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Excuse me but... Help disto installation is waste time for you and for who you hel you.
My advice: Choice retial, retail method will give to you an functional hack almost 99%

I gave to you a solution to install OSX in this laptop...
But choice is yours, continue with this installation or follow my advice

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hey there, 

sorry for the delay 

had some issues that caused me to not work on this for a couple days

have a mavericks install that i have for my other mac

so going to try doing that instead

thanks for all your help in the pm's and stuff

apologies for not getting back sooner

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