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Best external drive enclosures?

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Please recommend me an 3.5" external drive enclosure that won't require me to pay my firstborn. Cheaper is best, but reliability is much more important.
Earlier this week, I really learned a thing that I became told, but had brushed off: RAID isn't backup. I came across this out when my Intel controller messed up the RAID1 array and messed with all the partitions until the system couldn't boot. 
As I didn't support properly, as I should have, I'm in the process of recovering my children photos and important documents, and they're all readable because of some recovery software a pal recommended. Can't say I'm really unlucky, as it could have been a lot worse.
Considering that I don't desire to be so careless with irreplaceable data, I need a proper backup system. My computer drives in the system are 750GB in RAID 1, and so i figured a 1TB SpinPoint F3 will be a good drive to set up an enclosure.
Real question is, what enclosure can i get? USB is a must, eSATA is "nice to have". I'm not rich uncle Pennybags, so don't recommend anything crazy expensive, on the other hand don't want really cheap issues that could corrupt data or will die into two months.
Any recommendations?



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Really depends on how much storage you want. If you consider $$ / bay and want 15-24 bays (for example) then SAS with a port expander is a reasonable option in the $1400-1800 range. If you want 4 bays then USB 3.0 is more cost effective.

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