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restoring problem MBR windows backup to gpt

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restoring problem MBR windows backup to gpt

I installed windwos and mavericks Dual Booting as follows;

1. system:
    CPU : I7 720
    RAM : DDR3 12GB
    M/B : Asus p6x58d premium
    Board ChipSet : x58
    Sound ChipSet : AC889
    Lan Chipset : Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    Video : nvidia geforce 9600 GT 512
    HDD : Transcend SSD320 128GB
    OSX : OSX 10.9.1
    OSX TYPE : iAtkos

2. Installing Mavericks
    1) convert  HDD's ntfs to gpt.
    2) install mavericks
    3) install clover

3. Installing windows 8.1 x64 pro
    1) boot from windows PE and make ntfs partition for windows 8.1
    2) restore the backup image of windows 8.1 MBR.
    3) make MSR partition

4. At clover boot screen, I could not find windows boot icon.

5. boot system from windows PE, and using easyBCD, I delete and make BCD at windows 8.1 at HDD.

And I got serious and wierd problem at booting windows. I could not boot windows at Clover, and I could boot windows at PE, But the way of booting windows is wierd.

For booting HDD's windows, first I should select windows PE of USb, and it makes boot HDD's windows 8.1.

So I have a two problem.
1) I could not find windows 8.1 boot icon at Clove.
2) For booting windows, I should plug-in USB.

Please let me know how to resolve these problems.

Thanks in advance.

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