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My little Story ... (pretty old System)

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Hi there,


since I yesterday received my shippingdate for my Mac Pro and it's still two weeks away, I decided to check if I could get my previous Desktop to work with MacOSX, since I plan to use it as a file-server for backing up my data, and I could stuff in all the old P-ATA-drives which wouldn't work in the Mac Pro.

I got my hands to a copy of a prepatched 10.4.6-image, a 10GB HD and I was off to go.

Installation was flawless and easy. My hardware:


Gigabyte 8IHXP (Intel 850E)

Pentium 4, 2,53 GHz


Intel Pro 100 NIC

Soundblaster Audigy 5.1

Lacie FireWire 800 Card

GeForce4 Ti 4200

Promise Onboard Raid (P-ATA)


There are a fews things which are strange somehow, so I'll just blow them into the forum, if anyone is interested to provide an explanation, a solution or an answer, feel free. :whistle:


First, the CPU is shown as 3.0 GHz in About this Mac, the Bus-Speed however is shown correctly in System Profiler.


Soundblaster doesn't show up.


Intel NIC works (detected as internal).


Lacie FireWire 800 Card seems to work, shows up a 400 and an 800 bus, didn't test with a device, yet.


GeForce4 Ti 4200 works perfectly within the possibilities of Macvidia.


Promise Raid doesn't show up.


There is just one problem left: I can't boot up without the DVD in the drive. When it's in, i boot off of it, it counts down, then boots from HD. When I don't have it in the drive, it starts up from the IDE-drive and give a black screen with just on line saying "b0 Error". I don't care since I can leave the DVD in there for the few restarts which will be performed, but if anyone has an easy fix, lemme know.


I got an eject-icon left to the date and time, which I never saw in any copy of MacOSX, it doesn't do anything, you can't click it, it just is.


Finally I have to say:

It was very easy to get the system installed and running, I give the people who were coding this my respect. I will play with the system a little more and hope that I get the luck to be able to use a working SEARCH-function within this forum, because it wasn't giving me anything the last hours.


Respect to the Coders, again,




edit: Today the Search was online and I could check the boot-problem, I will now try to find solution to the other glitches. :D

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