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[Help] Revive a corrupted SL install

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Hello everybody,


I'll need your help after doing a big stupid mistake of my own. Here's the story:

- I have the GA31M-ES2L which is one the most recommended MB for OSX

- I followed the tutorials and successfully installed Snow Leopard, Chamelon, and other kexts/OSX updates and have been running the hackintosh really fine for almost a year now (never touched anything since, nor installed a risky update)

- Yesterday I decided to install Mavericks onto a laptop. According to some guides found on google, I had to prepare a USB drive using the latest Chameleon, but (here came my big mistake) instead of selecting the USB drive to install it on, I left the destination drive as my Snow Leopard Install HDD. Since then, everytime I reboot, it would never pass the Apple logo screen and seems locked forever. What I did was to get the Darwin Boot CD I originally used when I first installed Snow Leopard. I booted on that CD, then selected my SL HDD, and it successfully booted again. As I didn't want to relay on the boot forever, I decided to fix my SL HDD by using the old and original Chameleon to "repatch" back to the old version. That's what I did, but now, it kernel panics each time I try to boot. The message is like "You must reboot the Mac by pressing the power button..."


What I can I do? If I do a new install of SL, I guess I will loose everything right? (I don't want to loose anything)

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my bad English.


Edit: I forgot to say that I originally installed 10.6.3, then updated to 10.6.8 six months ago. And IIRC, one of the error message was "wrong kernel version" or something like that. I can take a photo if you wish

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Hi, actually I removed the HDD and put it in an external USB case so I could use it on my friend's Mac. We finally found out that Chameleon put sleepenabler.kext back into the Extensions folder (while I removed it when updating to 10.6.8). I deleted the kext and now I got my install back and running fine, thanks again :)

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