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SELL QUO AOS Board Cpu & Ram all unused

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I Just recieved the aos board together with an intel i7 3770k cpu and 16 gigs of Adata v2 gold.

Took to long for me to wait and i am on a mini right now - had put effort in to install 2.hd and got tb to pcie

Extension... Dont have the nerves, time and need at the moment to build a new system..


Everything is new an never used! This are parts used and offered by QUO so it should be Perfect choice for a new sytem.


Parts are located in berlin, germany- i paid arround 675,-€ incl shippment and import taxes.


Whole bundle is going for 600,- € on pickup or can ship at costs whithin europe.


Can alo sell in parts but prefer to wait some days if someone wants it all... So i might answer questions on single parts in a week or so..





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