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Replacement motherboard needed STAT

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Here's hoping you fine folks read the forums on Black Friday morning...


Until three days ago, my wife had a mostly functional Hackintosh build, when it decided to stop booting. (details on the failure symptoms are below) I'm fairly certain it's the motherboard and am looking for an emergency replacement.


The old build was:

Mobo: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

CPU: Core i7-920

GPU: XFX Radeon HD 4870 (HD-487A-ZWFC)

RAM: 24Gb (6x4GB) Team Vulcan PC3 12800 (TLD38G1600HC9DC01)


Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm pretty sure that if my wife is without her work machine for more than 100 hours, my life will be in jeopardy.









Thinking the OS install (Snow Leopard) might have gotten b0rked, I installed Mountain Lion on a blank drive and the system booted fully a few times before starting to freeze on boot. Most notably, symptoms include the video card cutting out mid-boot (as though the system was going into power save mode, despite keyboard being in use), and not responding properly to the reset button. Both of these issues are occurring when I'm messing around with the BIOS settings, so I'm pretty certain this isn't software-related at all. I'll swap in a new GPU later today, but I can always return the mobo if that turns out to not be the underlying cause. Besides, the reset button issues suggest that it's not the GPU after all.

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I must not have been very awake -- that's a terribly vague question for me to be asking...


I'm looking for an ATX board, hopefully one that's known to have working onboard sound. My budget is $150 or less. I've been pretty happy with MSI, have no experience with Gigabyte, and am currently a bit soured on ASUS. I'm not expecting to OC this machine, so OC-specific features aren't something I'm willing to pay extra for.


Pretty much all of the X79 series boards seem to be out of my price range, and I'm having trouble hunting down a non-mATX Z77 series that's been mentioned on these forums as having been shown to work.

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