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Troubles on Z77X-UD3H and Intel i7

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Hi ! This guide seems to be good, even I couldn't make Mavericks run on my Hackintosh. And I feel that something very important has been forgotten and is what about BIOS settings. As there are too many M.B. out there, some guides are necessaries: what could be and what could not be for a successful installation.


I can´t find why I need to take off my video PCI card (Zotac GeForce 9500GT) and to start with -x to begin to boot and connect this site. 


After beginning with a F7 (run from optimized) or switching CMOS, seting up defaults no USB (with all the steps indicated in the guide) allow me to install Mavericks. 


I tried to boot the USB with -x instruction and the installer finally appeared, but after a while a message error told me that this computer couldn't run the Installer.


So, I´ll appreciate if anyone can make some comments about BIOS, if video cards have to be installed or not, or what another things need to be consider. I have similar troubles with restoring ML on another HDs, even I have made run correctly it, before crushing there´s OS…



Thank you at all for any help!


Running: MB Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H, with i7 Intel processor, 8GB RAM, WiFi card, extra USB PCI card (5 ports), video PCI card: Zotac GeForce 9500GT, 120 GB HD1, 250 GB HD2, 500 GB HD3. Mouse and keyboard wireless.

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      These are the Original iMac17,1 Firmware 0105_B20 ACPI Tables.
      They have been extracted from the firmware file provided in 10.12.4 update, so they are clean and unloaded.
      All tables are available in hex cut/new file/paste order so they are untouched and unloaded.
      I believe these files can serve to better study Skylake architecture implementation in Sierra.
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      Hi there.
      I'm new to this site but not totally new to hack. I've had a hack since 10.4 and the latest version I ran was 10.9, not totally fixed but it worked to what I needed. Now I want to make the machine run as good as it can. I can see there has been a lot of changes/upgrades/new solutions since I installed my hack and I have a hard time to catch up.  
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      Could someone please give me a 0zmosis. APFS.ffs file. as I've experienced a hard wear fault and lost my files and stuff. and didn't back up as often as I should have
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