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AppleACPIPlatform patched for 10.9


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I just installed 10.9 on an Asus P8B-WS with latest patched bios + Xeon E3-1230 and Asus GTX650.

The mobo was running with 10.8.5 prior upgrade.


With this mobo, I can run OSX only with a patched AppleACPIPlatform: if I use the vanilla one, I got a KP at boot when switching to graphic mode.

Tried with a Sapphire HD6850, an Asus GTS250 or GTX275, same symptoms. Tried with GraphicsEnabler yes/no, with DSDT edit fot graphic card or no, same problem.

Fresh system installed with MyHack or Pandora, same thing. I use a custom DSDT + SSDT that worked OK with 10.6.8 and 10.7.

This problem firts appeared when upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8


Once I replace the vanilla AppleACPIPlatform.kext with the "X58" patched by Ermac I can boot.


Is the patch related to MCHC (DRam Controller) device?

On my P8B-WS MCHC device-id is 8086,108 which does not appear in the Info.plist for AppleSMCPDRC plugin of IOPlatformPluginFamily


As the DRAM Controller of the Xeon E3 is different from the Core one (for the ECC support), could be related.


Any idea to fully support this motherboard without having to use the patched kext (which is really a 10.6.8 kext with modified Info.plist if I recall correctly)?


I can run test if needeed, this rig is a testbed.


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