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Computer can't read OSX installation DVD


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The DVD is formatted in the Mac format HFS+. Windows cannot read a disk formatted in HFS+, so it can't see anything.


You've already been told in another thread that this DVD will not work on a PC. It requires extensive patching. Most of the patches can only be found on other "patched" install DVD's. So if you want to install OSX on a PC, you need one of those patched versions of OSX.


The DVD you have won't even boot on a PC. A PC uses BIOS to initiate a boot operation. An Intel Mac uses EFI to initiate a boot operation. Until the boot sectors of the DVD are converted to an MBR partition scheme and formatted for a PC to read, the DVD won't boot.


Even if you could boot the DVD, many of the crucial files will not run on the PC without extensive patching.


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