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Hide display adapter with DSDT


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Hi everybody,


I have a 10.8 system in dual boot with windows XP. I normally use the HD3000 CPU-integrated GPU as primary adapter.


I need to use an ATI X800 AIW under Windows XP for VHS-grabbing purposes. This GPU needs to be booted as primary adapter to work.

This is messing my OSX system up because the integrated driver doesn't like the HD3000 being as a secondary device and there aren't any drivers for the X800 under OSX (anyway I want to use the HD3000 with OSX).


Is there a way to "hide" the X800 or its PCI-express slot from OSX (so the system believe there's only the internal GPU) or to force a GPU as primary in the DSDT ?


I looked at this topic : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/289053-disabling-ati-card-through-dsdt/

But the author doesn't seems to have succeeded.


Thanks a lot in advance

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