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Help to install Mavericks on HP-dv3 4101sl


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Hi to all.


I would like to install Mavericks on my Dv3-4101sl, but i've encountered many problems. 


I tried myHack and PandoraInstaller, with appstore's Mavericks, with differents bootloaders and combinations (the one who seem to work better is Enoch by ErmaC), but Audio and video (ATI mobility radeon hd 5470) doesn't work in any way. 


Video work just at basic functionality, without acceleration. Audio don't work at all.


I've already tried:


- ATY_Init

- FBs: "Hoolock", "Nomascus", "Eulemur"

- GraphicsEnabler=No

- edited kexts found around on internet


I've the DarwinReports of my entire configuration (the last most stable but with the above problems).


Is there someone who can\would like to help me?


Thanks in advance, ask me for more information if needed, please.


PS. Sorry for my english and if i wrote something wrong\bad.

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Ehi, thanks. 
i've tried this solution too. Doesn't work. Maybe a mistake of mine, bad configuration... i don't know. Can someone suggest me a solution to start a new installation (and\or  what kind of installation) and then use the method above?
Thanks to all in advance.

Thanks, i'll try this for the audio. Do you suggest a new installation with myHack or Pandora? Which bootloader? Thank you :)

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