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No boot after rebuild cache - AsusX52F


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Hi all.

I accidentally saw the recently updated Pandora guide, and I read that I had  to start pandora post-install, repair permissions and rebuild chache to delete extenxions.mkext file froma /Extra.


I did it and Mavericks does'nt boot.

Before it boot only with -f, now it doesn't with both -f and UseKernelCache=No/Yes flags.


Sometimes boot stops on:


ATHR unknow locale: 60


sometimes on device mount:


HFS mounted Dati at device disks0s3


I tried with many flags as dart=0, PCIRootUid=1, cpus=1 npci=0x3000/2000 also mixing them, but no success.



I don't kwow if this matters, but my laptop is parted in 3 partitions:


1) 10.9 - HFS+

2) Windows 7 - NTFS

3) Dati - HFS+


HD is parted in MBR. Ludox recommended me to do it in guid, but in that way windows installation didn't allow me to parted 2nd partition in NTFS and it was impossible to install it, insead in MBR i did it.


This means (?) that Mavericks chameleon (that's rightly installed and set) does'nt work and the only way to boot is from pen drive


Thank you all and bye.

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