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Startup chime with this module?


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In relation to the thread about adding startup sound to your hack, I would love to do that on my new build.

I have found this extremely cheap kit but just cant figure out the pin layout before I buy it.






My guess is this:


1) VCC and ground goes to power, in my case a USB outlet because that is easiest for me to get 5v from. Correct?

2) First then a jumper goes on ground and rec, and then I punch the rec button - for it to record the chime. Correct?

3) Speaker connects to the white pins in the corner. Correct?

4) Jumper moves to P-E and ground for it to play once (just me assuming P-L means Play Loop and P-E is non-looping). Correct?

5) Wire solderes on to the P-E button and into the power-on button from the chassis (assuming question 5 is correct). Correct?


Would that work and is there anything I have missed???



Please help, I would love for this to work :)

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