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Stasis, 2D Isometric Horror Adventure game


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Hi Guys,


I am Chris Bischoff, of The brotherhood and we are creating a game called Stasis.


Stasis is a classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D - more details here; http://www.stasisgame.com/


I am also supporting mac, currently there is a build for 10.9 - I'm hoping to support prior versions 10.7 and 10.8 in the next few days when we iron out 

a few bugs. Check out Alpha here; http://www.stasisgame.com/getstasis/


I am keen to envolve the Mac community with my game as I know there is a history for quality games on this platform. I grew up playing Escape Velocity so being able to now also do games for Apple is a dream come true!


Please play the Alpha and let me know.


- Chris




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