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Updating new clover version, from an 1xxx version to the latest


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Hi guys. Like from the title, i'm updating clover from an older version (the one that the tutorial that i've followed uses) and the most recent version. I'm running Mountain Lion, and i've an Asus N61JQ.


I've noticed that Clover has changed a lot of things in the config.plist from the version used in the tutorial and the latest.

First refit.conf it's not more used.. its configuration have been included in config.plist.

So i have created a new config.plist for the new clover version.. 

I've created with notepad++, because now i'm running only windows.. 


But it's not working :(
Clover loads, the kernel starts load also.. but while it's loading kexts it haves a kernel panic (i think... it reboot and just goes back to the bios).


I've read somewhere that the problem can be a bad dsdt... i dont know much about it, because the tutorial that i've followed just not used any dsdt.. only clover with a good config.plist, created from the creator of the tutorial.


Moreover in the new config.plist there isnt an option to set smbios values like Boardid or serial (something like that..).

I dont know if it can be this the problem.. but i dont think..


Here i post the old config.plist and refit.conf, and the new one created by me :)
I hope that someone can help me!

Ps i'm installing new clover version for more compatibility with win8.1 boot.. Because when i've installed win8, and ripristinate the clover mbr, win8.1 doesn't boot...:(
It says something like Boot Configuration Data corrupted.. with message 0xc0000001 .. but we'll fix this later... ehehehe.. one thing at a time :D


Old config.plist:



New config.plist:


Ah i've forgotted the old refit.conf, also if it's not so usefull :)



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