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Atheros AR9285 and (maybe) Intel HD Graphics (DSDT)


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Hi!  I'm not that strong when it comes to editing DSDT, and I'm currently having trouble with enabling my wifi connection on Mountain Lion.  Before, I was stuck with the trash Ralink RT5390 due to my laptop's wifi whitelist.  The only card that is 100% compatible with OS X in the whitelist was a certain HP-Branded of the above Atheros AR9285.  After two failed attempts to order the right one off of Ebay, the third one (arrived this week) worked like a charm in my laptop.  It might also be important to note that I don't have bluetooth, just wifi.


Anyway, when I booted in OS X, the wifi icon came up, but I got the dreaded "No hardware installed".  I've attached my DSDT as I'm not sure if I implementing the hacks correctly.  Also, if anyone is able to look at this guide's hack section and figure out how I can get rid of Natit.kext, more power to them, but my main goal (as I currently have graphics working with Natit) is to fix my wifi issues.  I've tried several kexts, but to no avail.  Can anyone help me with this?  Thanks in advanced!


P.S. I don't want to have to upgrade to Mavericks because even though it's free, Mavericks has been reported to be really buggy with the Intel HD Graphics, and I want to wait for the bugs to be sorted out.


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