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nforce 570 drivers?

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If ethernet isnt working I presume you have used the jas image. It's not so good for AMD systems. The JaS images have a lot of manual install options, like intel SSE3,SSE2,AMD SSE2,SSE3, AMD Decrypted files, Sigmatel 9220 Audio etc. For AMD cpus the myar images are better, they have only 5 preselected installation options, only SSE3 kernal manual to select. Myzar images support nForce3/4 SATA, Audio and Ethernet, which is VIA SATA, Realtek Audio and Marvell LAN.


How good it works on your system, depends on the integrated chips of your board. I have nForce 3 chipset which has VIA SATA, Marvell 8xxxx LAN and Realtek ALC850 audio, and everything is working. Your board has a Marvell LAN chip and Realtek ALC883 audio. I found no direct information about the SATA chip of this board, but i presume its also VIA. Check your board, especcially for Marvell, Realtek and VIA chips and note the numbers on it.


Wish you luck!


GreetinX from the Other Side!

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