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Completely disable broken laptop screen so external display is the ONLY display?


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Running Mavericks on a Dell XPS M1530


My laptop's display is cracked and barely functional and so I wish to use an external display as my main and ONLY display. Mirroring is a no-go because my external display is a higher resolution than my laptop's native resolution and so it forces it to be displayed at a lower resolution, making things look blurry. Extending the desktop option allows me to keep my external display's native resolution (as well as making it the "main" display), but then the graphics card is forced to work unnecessarily hard by keeping the laptop's display going (even if it's "dimmed" or "off" using the clamshell method). How can I disable the laptop's screen altogether so that the system doesn't even recognize it as an option anymore? Can I edit a .plist file or set a boot option to make it look like the laptop display doesn't even exist?


I know there are tricks to make the laptop display "turn off" when in mirror or extend mode, but everything I've tried and come across doesn't actually stop the system and graphics from recognizing the display and therefore still have to work harder to send it "information."


Any help is appreciated, thanks! :)

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