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Hello. Aiming to machack the ROG G750JH


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Hello all,


I am new to the hackintosh community because I returned to mac from Linux when they launched the Intel Macs. I am an old hacker, having successfully installed Linux on Macs (Mac SE, powerbooks, etc..) back in 1996... I left a bit the hacking because I was quite satisfied with my 2007 MacBookPro 2,1 17" which was running a triple boot OSX / Win / Ubuntu. But 6 years later, I had to change my main laptop and I decided to opt out Mac:


-Because there are no more 17" laptop and I need that

-Because I think Apple is too big a company now, with main focus on general retail phones and tablets, and that the power users and pros are not anymore key to them.

-Because once again, but for good, Steve Jobs has left Apple and that I suspect that the egg-head marketeers will just do what I don't want


So after seeing the offer, I bought a nice ASUS ROG G750 JH. It is maybe less classy and bigger, but has just all what I ask for: Good video, power, and much better ventilation that my burning hot old mac. I have win and linux running fine (linux install right out of the box, with everything working, including the GEFORCE 780M)


So now I want to run MacOs natively (UI already istalled a working vmware Mountain Lion on it).... For what I read in the forums, not many people are trying that. The components are quite standard and I saw success with most of them. So back to hacking and tweaking!


The first problem is ... to boot it ! It seems that the BIOS needs some arrangement, so I am getting to the matter, new to me, of DSDT and EHCI thingies...

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