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Need Help for screen blackout upgrade or fix?


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I am still running my first hack build 1st gen i7, Gigabyte UD4P EVGA Geoforce (??) 512 RAM video card. I have been having problems. My screen keeps going dark. It will go off and in 5 or 10 seconds, comes back on. Will work steady for half hour or so, then off, on a few times. This is affecting the boot process as well since I Can't always see when it is finished or where it is in the process. I am a first time builder of the hackintosh and I really don't know enough about failing PC components (all my old Macs lasted forever) to have a real clue how to tell what is failing or if the blackouts are due to a MOBO problem, or what? I probably built this system over 4 years ago so it may be time for replacing a card, don't know? Any comments on this would be appreciated. And more than that, if I were to replace that old card, can some one please tell me what cards are recommended for this board?


I am a photographer and a visual organizer and the thing that bothers me the most is looking at a whole screen of small or medium images and seeing the time to draw them instead of instantly seeing them. I assume this is a function of the 512 ram on the card and a more modern card would help. Before I start throwing money at a problem I am not certain I have, can anyone please suggest a good fix or preferred card? I am now in 10.6.8 and a plan to upgrade to Mavericks.





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