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USB not working after 10.9 install


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Hi guys.

I've got a HP DC7800 SSF Machine.

I installed my Mac installation using MyHack.

Only kext I added to the Extra folder was IOATAFamily.kext.

I had major issues installing 10.9, but I managed to overcome all of them,and the system finally booted, into the Welcome screen, where you have to setup your username, and password etc.

Only issue is, is that my USB ports don't work, so I can't control my Keyboard/Mouse once it boots into Mac.

It worked fine on the OSX lion, but now with 10.9 it just won't work.

If there are extra Kexts to install, please let me know.

I've tried the KernelCache=No, and there was another command I tried, which I can't remember, and that didn't work either.

Can somebody please help me, It's past 1am now, and I've been working on this since before 8am this morning, and I'm exhausted.


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