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iAtkos Ml2 boot Problem + Intel Hd 3000

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Hi , I recently installed on my laptop ml2 IAtkos with no problem, but will not start, when you leave the boot screen seems to work all right, you read the hard drive until the small circle of progess stands still and nothing else happens .

The error that I can read starting with the -v command is:

Transcript Offline - Buffer Pool Allocate [ 181000 ] failed

I also see this warning:

BootCacheControl : Unable to open / var / db / BootCache.playlist

And also:

ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin : start timed out

Interestingly say to install Mac OS X need AHCI enabled from the bios for the SATA controller , if I do well for partitioning the installer does not find my hard drive. So active IDE from the Bios to install the system , with this option, the installer does see the hard drive, and active AHCI on boot the system.

The specifications of my laptop are:

Gateway Model NV47H07m

Ram : 4Gb DDR3
CPU : Intel Core i3- 2350M
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000

From the installer activate the Intel HD 3000 driver and disable the startup error also happens .

Can anyone help ? I'm new to doing hackintosh .

Thank you !

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