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ATI Radeon X800 AIW on ML


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Hi everybody,


I'm currently using following machine with Mountain Lion : 

- Gigabyte H67-UD3H-B3

- Intel Core i7 2500K

- ML 10.8 and Windows 7 (each OS installed on a separate drive)


I mainly use ML but need Windows for my VHS capture stuff (I use a lot of avisynth scripts). I installed an ATI Radeon X800 AIW (PCIExpress) to use the capture interface which has a pretty good quality to capture VHS. I want to use this card under Windows 7 and only the capture interface (i don't care about the display).


The problem is that when starting up the machine, the fan of the card is at maximum and produces a very loud noise. If the card is the primary adapter, the fan regulation gets active with the BIOS displaying. I want to keep the HD3000 of the Core i7 as primary device so I set the X800 to secondary (and the HD3000 doesn't seem to work if set as secondary display).


Under Windows, the fan regulation gets active when the driver initialize the device (so far all good under W7). But under ML (90% of the time), the GPU fan remains active at maximum (unregulated).


I search for a way to initialize the X800 under ML. I don't need QE/CI or even some display as far I don't use this device under OSX. I just want to get it quiet. If I can get the capture working under OSX it would be great, but I seriously doubt that it's possible.


I started looking around and found a lead with the ATIRadeon9700.kext, somebody patched it to get it working with an X800 PCIEx : http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Hardware_.kext_Patching_List

I have searched to download the ATIRadeon9700 kext but couldn't find anything...


If somebody has a clue about my problem...


Thanks a lot.

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