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Simply bypass the OSX Installation hardware checks WITHOUT patching installation image

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2 weeks ago, I wanted to install Snow Leopard on an unsupported mac (not enough RAM).

I totally know how to patch the installation script for that, but I'm a lazy guy and I was already bored just about thinking of it.

So I started to fiddle with terminal with an idea in mind, then I found a way to force the installation without a single patch, the installation DVD/USB key/DMG/partition/whatever stays 100% untouched.


- Just let the installer boot as usual, once the interface pops, it will quickly say that OSX can't be installed on this mac.

- Just click OK, you're back to the interface

- Launch terminal

- Type : /System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/Installer

- The installation tool is launching and a window is asking you what to Open
- Select /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.pkg (notice it's the pkg, not the mpkg one)
- The installation starts, but the mpkg file that contains the check scripts has been bypassed
I tested this on Snow Leopard but considering the installation architecture has not changed much considering that, it should work as good on all others OSX including latest.

I did many things at once so I don't quite remember if that method went to its end, and if the volume was made bootable properly, because the mpkg we bypass may also contain the blessing scripts and other necessary stuff executed on the end.

If that's the case, this stuff might still not be mandatory in certain cases, and power users still have terminal to do it manually.


Please test and report, or just enjoy :)



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