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Owl City's Adam Young possible creator of iOS 7's Ringtones?


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One thing that I'm interested in besides the Hackintosh/Apple Scene is Owl City, so this story, as reported on 9to5mac.com, caught me by surprise.  According to the report, his discography page at www.ayoungmusic.com had reported that Adam Young (aka Owl City) created sounds for iOS 7, such as the new ringtones.  Before the official announcement, many people had noticed similarities between Adam's style and the iOS 7 ringtones.  But it was officially confirmed on Monday, when Adam added the Apple part to his discography page:




However, probably at Apple's request due to it's secretive nature as a company, not only did it later got removed from the page, but now any attempt to access Adam Young's website mentioned above, you get a 403 Forbidden Error.  Do you think that Apple was right to do this?  And what do you think of Adam Young's ringtones in iOS 7?


Source: http://9to5mac.com/2013/10/21/owl-citys-adam-young-reveals-himself-as-creator-of-ios-7s-sounds/

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