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Changing device name of a USB sound card. Help gurus!


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So I am fairly new to Mac OS (about 3 years of total use) and typically try not to ask for any help. However, this time I simply cannot figure it out.


What I need to find out is if changing a device name of a USB sound card is possible? Let me explain a little further...


I have a USB mixer (DNX600) and it appears as a DNX600 in Audio/MIDI setup (of course).




It also appears as a DNX600 in the system report.





Ultimately what I need to do is change the name of this device to DN-X1600 instead. I have been reading a lot about kext files and how to change device id's but I cannot figure it out for this device.


First of all; Is it possible?

Second of all; How do I find out which kext file to look for? AppleUSBAudio.kext does not seem to have this unit listed anywere. There also isn't a D&M driver in the extensions folder either. I have also looked through other kext files that look like may be audio kexts but to no avail.


I guess if someone could also explain to me the process of how a USB sound card is ultimately recognized and assigned a device name by the Mac OS that may point me in the right direction.


Please do not post "Google it!", as I have spent 2 days going through many articles and have not found a solution.


Help please!

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