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After dual boot OS X + Win 8, Win 8 no sleep


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Hi there,


Let me first describe my installation steps and what I did to get Mavericks running.


I re-partitioned my hard drive as MBR (I installed Mavericks using MBR patch) and I created 4 partitions as you can see below. Partition 1 is OS X, 2 is Windows 8, partition 3 is my data partition and 4 is a partition where I keep my cloud files and swap (temp dump files of my own) files for switching between OS X and Windows.


  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
  Partition 1    Primary            111 GB   1024 B
  Partition 2    Primary            111 GB   111 GB
  Partition 3    Primary            401 GB   223 GB
  Partition 0    Extended            73 GB   624 GB
  Partition 4    Logical             73 GB   624 GB
I first installed Mavericks by creating a USB drive with the very-easy-but-not-so-popular tool from Tony's site. After that I installed Windows 8 and updated it to 8.1. When all this was ready I booted for the first time in my new Mavericks installation with my USB drive and when I was in Mavericks I installed the Chameleon bootloader and installed all drivers etc.
After a restart Windows 8.1 is taking precedence over my Chameleon bootloader and when I added a new entry with EasyBCD (added new mac MBR entry) I restarted my laptop. After selecting Mavericks as boot option I got a boot chain error, so I did the boot0 error fix thingy (dd if & of thing) and after that Windows 8.1 is still taking precedence over my Chameleon, but the boot selection does work now (I can select Mavericks in Win bootmenu and it goes to Chameleon bootloader. Sooo... Everything looking good at the moment.
Now I tried to get Windows to sleep and ever since I did the 'dd if & of' fix from my thumb drive Windows will go to sleep, but won't wake (it takes a few seconds and then it just restarts my laptop).
Can anybody help me with this issue?
I really would like to get Chameleon as primary bootloader and get rid of the Windows one. I have the HP 4740s and am booting through legacy mode (no EFI windows etc).
Hope somebody is able to help me with this :)
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Just some thoughts:


- never ever use EasyBCD. It messes everything up. Get rid of it!

- disable Fast boot in Windows 8.1 (System preferences/Energy options), so no hibernation file is created. I strongly recommend this!

- check your partition table in Maverichs with DarwinDumper (Shows the partition map graphically). Install Chameleon over with Chameleon Wizard from within Mavericks and choose boot0md & update more boot files in a second step.

- I needed to startup win8.1 directly after the upgrade (without Chameleon) or the update did not finish correctly. That was a Win thing.

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