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acer 5742-374g50mnkk freeze after waking up! random boot kernel traps


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Hello guys!


I have a laptop Acer 5742-374g50mnkk with the specs listed below.

It is working quite nice on 10.8.4 except sleep and waking up; I can put it on sleep only closing the lid otherwise it wakes up immediately, according to the console, because some usb issue. 

Also when I open the lid and I press the power button, it wakes up and get totally freeze showing my desktop, no clock no mouse no keyboard no battery discharge indicator, I have to hard reset! 


Last issue to fix is the random and occasional (every 2/3 boots) kernel panics on boot! Right after the loader and before the wheel.


It has the listed specs:


i3 370m Arrandale

Intel hd graphic


120gb ssd

keyboard and trackpad ps2



Please find attached also the list of kexts loaded, my dsdt and boot.plist


Thanks in advance 




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