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[Snow Leopard] WiFi N Adapter for AOA150


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Hello there,

I am trying to replace the stock Atheros b/g WiFi mini PCI-e adapter that comes stock in my Aspire One A150 (Atom N270 1,6GHz CPU, 1GB RAM stock,1,5 GB updated, 160GB HDD, Triple Booted with Snow Leopard, Lubuntu 13.04 and Windows 7 using chameleon as bootloader, on MBR) with one working with Snow Leopard.

I've just bought DW1505 Adapter (BCM94321MC) that turned out being defective - I'm not an Hackintosh pro, then I know that maybe malfunctioning under OSX may be due to the fact that I've not installed the right kext, but it is working wrong, losing connection and overheating under Windows 7 too -. Now I've wrote to the seller in order to have it replaced but I was thinking of asking him of replacing with a more compatible one, so I'm here to ask you.

Would be better DW1500 or DW 1510 -chipset should be BCM94322 afaik- (or to keep the DW1505, in case) or other?

I need it to be usable under OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard -obviously better if working OOB and seen as an Airport card by OSX-, Windows 7 and Linux (Lubuntu) too, because I have a triple boot system. Obviously WiFi 802.11n


Thank you in advance,


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