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mountain lion install on a samsung np350v5c


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Samsung np350v5c

Hardware list

intel core i5 3210m

hd4000 graphics (the most challenging part of the install

750gb hdd

6 gb ddr3 1600mhz

dvd writer drive (although i changed to a bluray drive)

i also changed the wifi card to a dell one to enable airport from the beginning

mac os x 10.8.2 image/app

Right so here goes this took me almost a week to get right. 


i tried a million methods to get qe/ci for the hd4000, a million attempts to get it fully functioning but this laptop has no complete guides/ or even anybody who has even completed a fully working install (so a first for anybody that's interested)

First things first you can try find a usb loader that will work but in my experience the most sure fire way is to remove the hdd and mount the mac os x install image directly to a partition on your drive, (not only will this mean a quicker install but also another way of restoring it without a key) then install chameleon onto this drive please don't do what i did for the first few hours and use an older one as you will need the latest graphics injection method for this laptop!

the following bios settings will also need changing

Ahci needs to be set and enabled

you need to disable secure boot (unless you can figure out a way of changing the uefi keys for uefi install)

enable uefi and legacy boot

save and reboot

once all these things have been done you can start to run through the install process i found with the newer boot loader you will still need to use the command -x to enable a safe boot into the installer you actually don't need to change much on this installation and obviously a boot loader is already installed so just run through this installation once complete, restart and you will probably need a hdmi cable at the ready once you get to the boot loader screen insert this cable and watch the screen go to an external monitor this is normal and you will also see it goes to your external monitor!

once here you will need to change you output connectors in your appleintelframebuffercapri.kext to enable the internal lvds port and thus your internal laptop screen, once you have done this restart and use the -v -f commands to remove the cache and see what kexts are loaded. if you have edited this kext correctly the screen on your laptop should light up and come to life :)

you will also need to install voodoohda 2.7.2 package and the realtek r1000sl kext package to enable sound and network interface and output

I also did some work on this laptop to get the processor power management setup using ssdtprgen and the smbios 10,1 once this is done and complete you have a fully functioning laptop even multitouch works, sleep will work as well :) the only thing that will not function is the memory card reader but hey i never use one anyway

In fact for the money this laptop is amazing and i think one of the most compatible on the market i will write a list of the kexts needed and the actual edits needed for the appleintelframebuffercapri under this post

i would like to thank artur-pt and ipoco and a few others for my relentless questioning and help wherever they can for this build













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