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[Solved] Chameleon driving me insane

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Hello, I'm having a serious issue with chameleon that is pretty much driving me insane. For some reason, every time I power on my machine, or reboot, chameleon is remembering a command I manually typed a while back. Basically, when going to the boot prompt screen (where you type commands), it always has "-f" typed in, and I don't know how to get rid of it.


Normally, this wouldn't be such a huge issue but since I'm running off a raid0 set, I have to use the kernel cache, so any time I boot or reboot i have to sit there and manually remove the "-f" from the boot prompt otherwise I'll get the mach_kernel not found error.


Also, just to make it clear, this isn't an issue with my using a raid0 set, and has nothing to do with it at all because it's been happening since I first installed mavericks GM last week on a single disk, and had to enter "-f" one time due to a kext issue I was having (before I even considered using raid).


At any rate, if someone could please chime in and let me know how to resolve this, I would be eternally grateful as I want nothing more than to be able to use the QuietBoot option and turn my system on -- or reboot -- without having to sit there and manually remove the -f every time.


Huge thanks in advance.

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The issue had nothing to do with org.chameleon.boot.plist. AS it happens, I found the solution shortly after posting this thread even though I'd spent hours beforehand searching. I essentially had to do what amounts to "sudo nvram -d boot-args" though a bit more involved since I'm running on raid0. But the outcome was essentially the same, nvram had cached the typed in "-f" boot argument so I had to clear it out.

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