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Replacing case fans on Dell Optiplex


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This question was tacked on to the end of one of my other threads which was about upgrading the CPU on my Optiplex GX620 but it was maybe not seen as it elicited no response, so excuse me for repeating it in the hope that I can find some answers.


I am interested to know if any Optiplex owners have replaced (either because of fan failure or just for noise reduction reasons) their case fans. I know where to get exact original Sunon fans (eBay UK) but their noise rating of 47dBA puts me off and will not solve my noise issues.


I live in a big city (although in Europe, not the States) and am having a lot of trouble locating replacements. I have tried six (Edit: now nine) big and well-known shops, dealerships and distributors who all profess to be the experts in this field, but none of them can offer me a suitable replacement.


So if you did change your fans, which make and model of fan did you use, and was the 5-pin unique-to-Dell motherboard connector plug a problem?


This is my situation. After recently changing my processor from a single core to a dual core which has a slightly higher TDP rating. I noticed the case fans of my USFF (which were near-silent and completely unobtrusive before) now ramped up to disturbingly high sound levels.


And here's the strange thing: I've tried many different temperature apps but none of them show that there is a CPU sensor on this particular PC. (Only a hard drive temperature sensor which is not much use to me as I am using an SSD which generates little or no heat.)


But my question is, SOMETHING inside the computer is telling the fans to increase and decrease their speed, but what?


In case you don't know, this particular Ultra Small Form Factor case is only 25 x 26 x 9 in size, it has 2 (count 'em, TWO!!) fans, one inlet, the other outlet, each with the amazingly high and OTT specifications as listed below, and an internal distance between them of only 15cm with the CPU and passive heatsink in the middle. (See photo on my other thread for clarification.)


To any of you non-Dell owners out there, but who have lots of experience with air-cooled case issues, do I really need fans with 6,000 rpm and 41.5 cfm??






Sunon (China) PMD1206 PMB3-A

Dell Part Number OU 8679

DC12V, 5.2 W, 0.43A

5 pin electrical connector to motherboard (13mm wide), only four wires used

Depth (front to back): 39mm

Height & Width: 62mm x 62mm

Speed: 6000 RPM

Airflow: 41.5 CFM

Noise: 47dBA

Weight: 90g

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Well, one week and almost 200 views later, and no-one has any info or advice to offer me about replacement case fans.


So it looks like I'll have to put up with the jet engine noise for a lot longer than I thought, more's the pity.


Just as well I don't use my Hackintosh on a daily basis or for extended periods of time as it would drive me crazy (well, crazier than I already am).

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