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Newbie about to try installation


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Hi there everybody,


I'd like to say thankyou for this oppertunity to talk to other members who are in the same boat as me.


A bit of background about me - I love Apple machines. I've got a PowerBook G3 Pismo/Firewire and I had an old G3 iMac. Tiger is without a doubt the best OS on the planet, but I can understand fully Apple's decision to restrict the use of the OS to its own machines.


Alongside the PowerBook, I've also got two Windows machines and a palmtop. I have a desktop and a laptop both running XP Pro. I'm going to try the installation on my desktop, which has the following specs:


- Pentium 4 2.8GHz Prescott with SSE3 support and Hyper-Threading, Socket 478 and 1MB Cache

- 512MB DDR400 RAM

- 80GB Maxtor Hard Drive (IDE)

- DVD Burner and DVD reader drives

- Radeon 9550 AGP Graphics card with 256MB memory

- SB Live! 5.1 Digital sound card

- Video capture card

- Various USB gadgets and Logitech USB cardless desktop


I'm confident that my machine meets the requirements to run OSx86, and the processor supports SSE3, so it should run Rosetta. My question is about the add-on devices, and how to install them.


I'm not asking for the walkthrough of the installation - I've already got the idea of how to use Ubuntu to run the installation. However, I'm wondering whether all my stuff will still work after installation - most noteably, the graphics card and sound card. ATi have drivres for the 9xxx series graphics cards for Mac OSX on their website, but will they work with my setup? As for the sound card, so far, I've turned up nothing. I'd test the USB stuff on my 'Book, but I messed the hard drive up a little and it doesn't work at the moment.


Thanks very much in advance,


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