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problem with ethernet

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hi @all!


i have installed macOSx86(Mac OS X Version 10.4.6) on my AMD Athlon 64 with 2gig ram and the k8v deluxe mainboard. this all works but now i want to connect to the internet. i think my macos has identifiyd my network card because in the systemprofiler i can see my card (Ethernet(integrated);Ethernet;Ethernet;en0) but when i want to configure the internet in the systemsettings my ethernet card is everywhere disabled :-(. what is here the problem? i am coming from linux and i am not very exercised with macos. i have tryed to setup the ethernet card via /sbin/ifup en0 but ifup is not aviable when i type /sbin/ifstatus en0 macos says: "ifconfig: interface en0 does not exist" to me :-(.


please help me?



yours hazelnoot

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thanks for the answer but i couldnt test it because my macos doesnt use my usb slot. when i plug in my usbstick the os does nothing :-( when i watch the system profiler the USB is aviable. when i plug in a mouse in the usb port it seems that the mouse gets no power. what is there the reason?


i have a K8V SE Deluxe mainboard and in the specification summery stands:


USB: Maximum of eight USB 2.0 ports,,,





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