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Automated Listings to my website..can this be done?


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Ok I know this is a bit of a leap for me technically speaking but I have seen something like this at a place where I used to work in a local network workflow capacity using hot folders / drop boxes but not for uploading to an online shopping cart which is my aim to create automated listings for my zencart website from a folder on my desktop.

Let me set this idea out.... 

1) I would like to set up a folder on my local desktop (imac) that has say 200 pictures within......all the pictures are jpegs so the title would end in say....example: iphone_1.jpg to iphone_200.jpg

2) using Automator, set up a script that logs into my site then creates a new category from the folder title, then within that category creates one listing per picture within that category from the title information of that individual picture but excludes the .jpeg....so listing one product and moving onto the next picture in line to create the next listing and removing the .jpeg

Is this to complex?, your thoughts and ideas on a way to achieve this would be great.

Thanks Egg

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