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Help! Crash on selection of language Mavericks GM


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Hi guys ,

I need help I'm trying to install mavericks GM on my laptop . Currently I'm running DP5 dual boot with windows 8. DP5 works 99% ( sleep problem ) . Specs are i3 , 3gb ram and 5470m graphics card. I'm facing problem will trying to install . I created the installer 3 times each first using restore from base system.dmg n by pandora box method. I boot with -v -f cpus=1, then the language selection window comes n I choose English n click continue as soon I click the button the installer starts to to shut down n in blink of eye my laptop is shut down. No KP. The text displayed rolls to fast for me to read n it's gone but as far as I could see it says some kext names n lastly CPU Halted.

thanks in advance



Solved : Applied the MBR Patch Again and it worked !

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