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10.9 - Speedstep no longer working properly


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My system:


Asus P7P55D

Intel i5 750 @ 3.6ghz (18x200)

8GB DDR3 1600MHZ

nvidia GTX560ti


I'm doing some testing with 10.9 on a separate partition.  Pretty much everything is working flawlessly.  I did notice that my speedstep is not working correctly.  In 10.8 I can get 3 multipliers; 9.0, 16.0 and 18.0.  When I am booted in to 10.9 I only get 16 and 18.  Any ideas on where to start looking?


I am using clover bootloader with a DSDT and SSDT.  




EDIT:  OK, never mind.  It looks like multiplier 9 works.  It doesn't use multiplier 9 as much as mountain lion did but it does go in to it sometimes.  It may be because this is a new install and the cpu is busy with things like spotlight and such.

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