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Maverix GM Desktops Sometimes switch places ?!?!?!?


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I have a fresh install of Maverix GM installed and a dual monitor setup coming off of a single 580 GTX  with 3 GB of vram .... seems simple enough right?  On each side I have 5 desktops set up ... and as you know with Maverix, they now operate independantly.  On each desktop I have a different wallpaper (this is how I first realized this was happening) and each wallpaper corresponds to the appropriate desktop on the other side ... again simple enough.   Wellllllll .... not so.  Every so often .... the number 2 and three desktop (that would be the left side) switch!!!!  Seems like they just feel like it.   Can't explain it.  The wall papers just reverse .... and any open applications reverse as well.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Could it have something to do with the extra dashboard desktop?  Does anyone remember the ML command to get rid of the dashboard desktop?  I would love to get rid of mine again.



Any ideas are appreciated...



Aurora, IL.



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