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The Latest Itunes in Maverix

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Hey......Does anybody know how to display regular old ebooks and pdf's in the latest iTunes?  I can't seem to find it....and iBoox doesn't seem to wanna let me import my own epubs and pdf's from my iTunez library.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.....This is for the GM release of Maverix by the way.....



Grrrrrrr..........Cupertino strikes again........

Methinx you need to have home sharing on and then it worx

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I do not remember if this problem is solved, but since the DP 5 this bug was known by Apple




Notes and Known Issues
OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 includes a preview of iBooks for Mac. When you sign in with your iTunes account you will be able to access your existing iBooks library as well as the iBooks Store.
What should I try:
⁃ Verify your book library from iTunes 11.1 Beta moved to iBooks. Books are moved when you open iBooks for the first time.
⁃ Open and read a variety of books, including your favorite novels, picture books, and multi-touch books.
⁃ Add bookmarks, highlights, and notes, and verify that they sync to iBooks on iOS and other Macs. Note that you must have the Sync Bookmarks preference enabled.
⁃ Sync books to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using iTunes.
⁃ Download books and samples from the iBooks Store in iBooks.
⁃ Download books from the iBooks Store in iTunes and verify that they appear in iBooks.
Known Issues:
⁃ If iBooks is not open and signed into the iBooks Store when a book is purchased in iTunes, the purchased book will not download in iBooks.
⁃ Some books with interactive elements may not respond as expected in the Mac in OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5.
⁃ Purchased books that are stored in iCloud may not show up in your book library after signing in. Running the following commands in Terminal and relaunching iBooks will resolve this.
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.bookstoreagent/ProductionBag
killall -9 bookstoreagent



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