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3 Problems to resolve!


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Hey guys, I hope i´m posting in the right thread.. 

I have to say that i´m totally new with hackintosh... 
I bought a monster computer for editing video and photos and now i have some problems that i taught you maybe could help me with.. 

1- First problem comes in the first screen with the hackintosh apple... i have to plug in a really old keyboard to select the mac disk boot option... doesn't work with my mac keyboard with cord, but this keyboard works right after i press enter with the old one.

2- The videos on youtube stops playing after 7 sec.... and i have no sound on my computer and the motherboard has integrated sound i think... sorry i have to say im pretty bad knowing about mac and its stuffs... I'm a photographer haha not a programmer, but ill try to learn..

3- The games are not working... i can see the introduction videos and it works perfect, but when it charges for another video it gets realllllly slooooow.... and when the game tries to start... it just stops responding..

This are some of the specifications of my hackintosh:

Intel E5-2650 8 cores, 16 threads 2Ghz 20Mb Cache
Board Intel Xeon X79
32Gb RAM 1600Mhz
SSD 120Gb SATA 6Gbps (and i have a 3T second harddrive)
GeForce GTX660Ti 3Gb Overclocked
750W 80 Plus Corsair 
OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

I hope you guys can help me.. I really need to start working soon.


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1. have you tried with a standard PC USB Keyboard?


2. For sound VoodooHDA is usually the easiest way to get it to work. Check the Sound section of the forum for the specifics. Is your graphics card already fully working? (Check system profiler to see if model, gram, etc. are correct). And don't worry, you don't need to be a programmer to get stuff to work.


3. No clue on that though it may be graphics card related

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