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Cannot boot into... anything


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Hi all. I need some urgent help if you wouldn't mind.


I managed to install OSX86 after a long and hard time, but I couldnt figure out how to get it booting into OSX (I've since worked out it was probably the fact there was an extended partition before the OSX one, but this is besides the point now.


I fiddled around with things here and there and started getting errors when trying to boot back into Windows. At first it said something about MBR, so I used FixMBR. This, it seeems, was not a great idea as I got a different error then, it saying NTLDR is missing. Hmm, yes problems indeed. I tried some fixes such as copying them from the Windows disk again, trying to FixMBR again, as well as FixBoot, but this only caused more errors.


I used Hiren's Boot CD to try and fix these errors with multiple Partition tools. Unfortunately, things got worse from here. I got a message saying my hard drive might have a virus at boot. I tthink this unlikely and think it was again, partition and boot record problems. After some more "fixing" I got this and the NTLDR error at the same time. Great...


Now, more fixing later all I get is a black screen with blinking cursor going going going...


I can boot from the DVD drive so if I need to reinstall Windows I will, but I think that won't solve the problem as it seems to be a boot record problem.


Please tell me there is something I can do here. Ideally there would be an easy fix allowing me to keep my files etc, but I do have most backed up (will lose my music though :sob:) so it's not the end of the world if I have to start from scratch.


All advice is greatly appreciated. Despite my apparent incompetence I am not a moron when it comes to computers, but this time I may have made one stupid mistake too many.


Thanks in advance.




ps, I'm typing this from my girlfriend's macbook. I'm sure there are layers of irony there, but I'll leave that to the poets.

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