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Mavericks Disk Utility Rearranged Partitions


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I can't believe that I'm the only one so far to experience this.  I'm posting this as a warning.
I wanted a fresh installation of Mavericks, so I used Maverick's installer Disk Utility to erase my current Mountain Lion partition.  For some reason, "Core Storage" kicked in and rearranged the partitions on my hard drive.  All I did was select the partition "testOSX" and "erase".
So, I tried to re-partition, but the partition pop-up was greyed out.  I had to use GPARTED to remove all of the existing partitions before I could use Disk Utility to re-partition the drive.
I thought this was a fluke, so I tried a second time and the problem repeated.
As a test, I proceeded anyway to install Mavericks and Chameleon to "testOSX" but Chameleon got confused and couldn't boot it.
Cleaning up and partitioning/erasing with the Disk Utility in Mountain Lion gave a successful booting installation of Mavericks.
Partitions - Before and After "Erasing"


The "types" associated with the partitions changed as well.
3 TB Hitachi - Media
disk0s1 - EFI (hidden)
testOSX - Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
TM - Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
testOSX - Logical Volume Group
testOSX - Logical Partition
diskOs1 - EFI (hidden)
testOSX - Core Storage Physical Volume (hidden)
Boot OS X - Apple Boot Partition (hidden)
TM - Mac OS Extended (Journaled)



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What can I say, this is probably why my WD my book studio II reset itself after I installled Mavericks GM. All my partitions on that drive lost and it's even reproducible. Bad one! 


To clarify, I installed Mavericks GM on the internal drive on my Mac mini, after a restart I noticed my external drive had been...ehum...tampered with.

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Do you have a Fusion drive setup, or are you using your EFI partition to store the bootloader's /Extra directory?

I've seen similar behaviors when a EFI partition is formatted as HFS. Disk Utility displays it like seen above, but I've never seen a partition shown before the EFI partition.


Anyhow, the fact that you have a Boot OS X helper partition indicates that your system thinks it has a RAID or Fusion setup. Odd, indeed.

Do the following Terminal commands reveal anything?:

diskutil cs list


diskutil appleRAID list




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