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VMware Shared Folders not visible after VMware tools install

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I got Mountain Lion 10.8.5 running on VMware Workstation 9.0.1 but after installing the latest tools package the "VMware Shared Folders" icon flashes up on the desktop for a second then it disappears. I tried all kinds of things but can't get it to work. Any ideas???

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This is standard for ML 10.8.x, (also 10.9) in Virtual Machine Settings select Options > Shared Folders and select "Always enabled" then "Add..." one or more Folders on the Windows "Host path" with a relevant "Name".


Once completed to access the Host Folders from the Top Menu select Go > Computers and a minimum of three icons should be visible:


1. Network

2. The name of your local OS X hard drive(s)

3. VMware Shared Folders


Click on the "VMware Shared Folders" icon and the Folders you shared should be visible with the "Name" that was allocated in the Virtual Machine Settings.


Alternatively to make "VMware Shared Folders" visible on your desktop from the Top Menu select Finder > Preferences... and put a tick in the "Connected servers" box, you can also add your local OS X "Hard disks" in the same way.

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